Address:     322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 802, NY, NY 10001

Telephone:  212-243-2830

Fax:           212-243-3175


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IHI Therapy Center is open Mondays through Thursdays from 10am until 9pm. On Fridays, we are open from 12pm until 7pm, or by appointment. IHI staff members are available only during regular business hours. Should an emergency arise at any other time, contact your local emergency room or call 911.


IHI is conveniently located in Manhattan at 322 Eighth Avenue, Suite 802, at the northeast corner of West 26th Street. The building entrance is on 26th Street.


IHI is close to New York City Subways C, E, F, M (use the 23rd Street stop), the 1 (use the 28th Street stop) and the NJ Transit Path Train (23rd Street Station). You can also reach us by Manhattan Bus routes M20 (going north and south) and M23 (going crosstown). IHI is six blocks south of Pennsylvania Station.


There are several parking facilities on 26th Street, going east from Eighth Avenue to Seventh Avenue.