We are proud to announce that beginning in July 2016, IHI Therapy Center is offering continuing education hours to social workers who complete our LGBTQ Competency training course.

LGBTQ Competency Trainings

Who: IHI offers LGBTQ competency trainings to individuals and organizations who work with or provide services to LGBTQ people, or who have a specific interest in working with this population (i.e. mental health care professionals and providers, social workers, educators and students).

What: IHI's LGBTQ Competency Training is a full day course that utilizes lecture, class discussion, group exercise, video presentation, and case study analysis to promote LGBTQ competent work. The training covers the following topics:

  • Relevant definitions   
  • Population statistics in the US today
  • Affirming/sensitive language
  • History of LGBTQ progress in America
  • The LGBTQ experience in the U.S.
  • Debunking and understanding common myths and stereotype
  • Clinical issues (i.e. coming out and disclosure, pathologizing homosexuality via overdiagnosis)
  • Trans-literacy

Where: On-site trainings are located at IHI Therapy Center, 322 8th Avenue, Suite 802, New York, NY 10001

When: Please call us for upcoming course dates

Why: "A recent NYS LGBT Needs Assessment found that LGBT people still have less access to mental health services with 35% identifying lack of LGBT-sensitive mental health services as being a major problem in accessing care. The report highlighted a critical need for LGBT culturally competent mental health care that affirms LGBT identity, integrates LGBT experience, offers provider support and assists in development of proactive coping mechanisms for minority stress” (Empire State Pride Agenda, 2013).

For Booking: Contact IHI's Program Director, Joshua Yoselovsky, at (212) 243-2830 or at IHIContinuingEd@gmail.com